Beard club members mistaken for Scary Muslim Terrorists by Swedish police


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Because generally, terrorists just hang out in public places taking pictures of each other.


Terrornoia at its finest.


Who are they trying to be? America?


It would be fairly easy to stage and find out. Have a group of bearded non-white men, dressed in the same way as the men in this shoot, stand around making selfies with a banner, and have an anonymous friend call in the alert.


“If you see something, shave something!”


Yes, “mistaken for Scary Muslim Terrorists by Swedish police” indeed.

I would also note that it was two police officers, not a swat team in riot gear, that were sent to investigate.


Great. One more thing to get me put on some terrorist watch list.

I’d shave it off but I am too lazy…


They didn’t get arrested/the special search/shot, so they aren’t up to American standards yet.

Side note- I was in this area on holiday a couple of weeks ago. Glad I’m not beardy!


The gathering of the Lumbersexuals.


The public is right to be afraid! A beard is a powerful thing. Great power requires great responsibility.


If they hadn’t all been white guys, they wouldn’t have been in a beard appreciation society :smiley:


As usual, misleading/incorrect headline.

The Swedish police did not mistake them for terrorists. A member of the public did. The police apparently laughed.


Nothing to see here.

Misleading headline. Also, injecting American race politics into Swedish events.


I know that a certain level of clickbaity crap is to be expected, but are headlines that are directly contradicted in the article really necessary?

Probably I just can’t handle the truth of news aggretation and I can only comment here because someone out there is willing to make up shit on my behalf.


IIRC - there’s a ‘Lumbersexual’ isle at Toys-R-Us. YAWN…YAWN…YAWN…


Yes, but how did the conversation between police and the caller go?

Caller: Driving down the highway, I just passed a crowd of 30 bearded men standing on a hillside.

Police: Terrorists?

Caller: Could it be anything else?

Police: No need for more information, we’ll be right there.

No the police didn’t mistake a beard club for terrorists. The issue is that the amount of evidence required to elicit a police response is apparently quite low, and the police are complicit in that. The bottom line is that the police considered 30-odd bearded men gathered on a hillside to be a potential threat. That if they weren’t wearing beards, there wouldn’t have been a response.


I think the call probably went something more like this:

Caller: There’s a group of suspicious looking men hanging out together and taking pictures of each other!
Police: Suspicious how?
Caller: You know… <whispers> Terrorist looking.
Police: “Terrorist looking?”
Caller: Yeah… Bearded… Male… I think it might be ISIS!
Police: Ok, we’ll send somebody to have a look. <rolls eyes>

hangs up

Police: Hey, if there’s anybody who’s not busy, will you go have a look? We just got a dummy calling up saying that ISIS was hanging out taking selfies.
Other guys: Yeah, we’ll go have a look, it’s a slow day. Should be good for a laugh.

half an hour later
Other guys: Yeah, dispatch? It’s a fucking beard club.
Dispatch: Hah! Figures.

I think of it like a game, now. “Guess which headlines are actually the complete opposite of the story in question!”


Isn’t the current record for Scandinavian terrorism held pretty conclusively by a nearly beardless(sometimes has an atrocious little chinstrap thing) white guy?

Clearly its the ones who don’t embrace their follicular potential that you have to watch out for.