Watch two idiot criminals burglarize a watch store in Sweden


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Medieval reenactor spears drone from the sky

Er - video please?


It’s really hard to tell but I like to think the reason they have so much trouble getting the door open is because it says “skjuta” rather than “draga”.


The cops had to let them go. They were loose cannons who didn’t play by the rules, and the Mayor was breathing down the neck of their Swedish Chef of Police.


Holy shit… the derp.

That one guy was fucking with a gun the whole time that didn’t seem to work? His friend must have been yelling him, stop fucking with the gun, and help me steal this shit.

Then he puts the barrel right in his buddies NECK when he gets on the scooter.


Back to the drawing board…


which involved dragging a bag of stolen merchandise behind a scooter.

Sweden hasn’t any proper villains, sadly so.


I wondering about the person who shot this… It doesn’t seem too smart to be videotaping gun-carrying burglars at such a close range.


This is so bad it almost seems like a publicity stunt for… for something. Not mall security, that’s certain.


I so want to push the scooter into the store then stick something through the door handles.


#son du har en trosa pĂĄ huvudet


Looked like an outtake from Lilyhammer.


Having lived in Stockholm…and even been to that mall in Kista…I regretfully report that this is about as daring as things get in good old Sverige. Essentially the equivalent of an epic California cop chase for the culture. Even the crooks are understated.


Although it does seem like he had a highly accurate assessment of their competence/dangerousness, and was actually in an extremely safe situation.


They were loose cannons who didn’t play by the rules

But aren’t all criminals by definition loose cannons who don’t play by the rules? What kind of stupid-ass reason is that to let a law offender go! If what you say is true, then the Swedish justice system is a joke.


I’m pretty sure that Modusoperandi was, in fact, joking.


I hope so.


In the Swedish Justice System the fulket are represented by two separate, yet equally important grunten. The yerk blorken who investigate crimentot and the amahn kakolar who prosecüt the untgruten. These are their stories…


the oversized bag killed me! All it needed was a big dollar sign printed on it.


dat wuz funé