With all the gun discussion


This bit of news made me feel good today

I don’t go all that much anymore but Kurt is a great guy and one of the victims was always ready to chat with our kid when we went in.


Hope I can drop this here without riling any feelz.

It highlights differences between American gun culture and Icelandic gun culture.


Exactly. If you’re so hell-bent on dying in a blaze of gunfire, do yourself first.


So much yes. I am by no means a proponent of suicide but if you’re considering killing a bunch of people and then yourself…as my mom says, “start with yourself”.


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What is Iceland doing right?

Well they have a special police unit called the Viking squad.


Great point. They have exactly one Viking Squad.

We have a shitload of SWAT teams, and various federal enforcement teams with exotic weaponry.

We have an escalation mentality. That needs to change, and it’s cultural, not legal. Law can influence it though.


I’m just going to sit here and smile because BB, and more specifically threads like this, give me hope that maybe someday… in the far off future, the United States will be able to put into place sane and logical gun control while also improving the overall mentality and civil virtue of the average citizen a 1000 fold (Basically a better education system would solve all the problems).


Welp… thank you for the advice, I have taken it into account.


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