Arizona shooting suspect is member of white power group that uses Internet more successfully than KKK


Are those the hammers from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”?


Funny how, during one of his previous arrests for stealing a bag of potato chips, the cops managed to not kill him even though he had a loaded gun on him.


I miss phrenology.


I immediately thought the same thing…

Pretty close


Holy crap, I think you’re right or close enough to cause confusion!


So, it’s NOT an act of terrorism then. A crazed lone wolf… move along folks, nothing to see here!!! /s


Interesting that in his current booking photo, he has grown back his eyebrows and is sporting a goatee as if to say, “Just kidding about those few prison tatts . . .” Too bad he didn’t consider a neckbeard.

Mindless fascism imitating a hyperbolic metaphor for mindless fascism.


I can’t help but see this through the lens of race and terrorism. If this guy was brown, or even a member of a group sympathetic to brown people, we wouldn’t be seeing pictures of him in high school or talking about how he became a racist - we’d be fucking freaking out and instituting martial law and taking off our underpants at border crossings.


“Take the SkinHeads BOWLING”


I always felt Alan Parker’s direction and Gerald Scharfe’s animation (not to mention the music) were a little too effective at conveying the potential for drama and excitement in fascism and its iconography.

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He may have learned, possibly the hard way, that even shitstains have standards, of a sort, and that the most ardent and antisocial young men associated with ethnic nationist groups(or violent organizations in general, really) are valued more or less exclusively as cannon fodder, blunt instruments, and low-rent martyrs, not participants with actual futures.

The full-prison-tats-and-lots-of-vaguely-runic-lettering look suggests a promising role getting chewed up in some sort of relatively ill considered violence; but I’m guessing that it may hurt the chances that some cute ‘aryan’ girl wants you to be the future of her white children; which might get to be a downer after a while.

The white power types seem to have a particular problem with this because (as anyone who has been paying attention has probably noticed) the people with really serious white power are mostly busy wearing suits and occupying positions of power, influence, and wealth; not engaging in garish proletarian violence, so the people willing to make a lot of noise about ‘white power’, rather than simply enjoying the slice of it they have, are not the prized specimens. This doesn’t keep them from being dangerous; but it makes the parts of their program that aren’t more or less nihilistic violence fairly impractical.


That brought me in here as well.

According to wikipedia:

Although the symbol of the crossed hammers was a creation of the film and not related to any real racist group, it was adopted by white supremacist group the Hammerskins in the late 1980s


I always knew there was a reason to hate Pink Floyd…

I bet they didn’t jump on the “internet” thing until after all the three-letter domain names were already scooped up.

Plus, whenever people do a Google search for organizations related to terms like “Grand Dragon” or “Cyclops” or “Imperial Wizard” the top results usually just point them to role-playing clubs with better social activities and cheaper dues.


I am not surprised, he is white. This is what the recent shootings show. I could understand a cop looking at this guy and thinking he my be a threat, and may have a weapon. The black teenager with his hands in his pockets on a 30 degree day probably is just cold.

It was called the Nation German Socialist Worker’s Party. You might say he’s a traditionalist.



I’ve actually done this… with SHARPS at least and some punks. Or rather, they took me bowling. It was quite fun.