Arizona shooting suspect is member of white power group that uses Internet more successfully than KKK

I don’t think it’s their fault that some assholes appropriated their imagery.


Don’t pick up a Laibach album… from their latest. It’s like taken straight from triumph of the will, I swear:

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Wasn’t that last season of Justified?


After seeing the headline, I assumed it was Stormfront. I’ve never even heard of these guys.

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Easy there, man. You can lay blame on Roger Waters for The Wall, but the entire body of work isn’t defined by that man’s public guilt. Only a fair share of it.

♫ “Take the skinheads boweling – disemboweling.” ♫


It’s not. It’s just one of those bands that for some reason a lot of people like and I just do not like pretty much any of their songs.

What new trick must I employ to prevent videos from autoplaying?!

Oh, to the consistency of hobgoblin suburbanity.

Right, and that’s far more scary: de facto white supremacy is what we’re basically swimming in.


Speaking of White supremacy and their violent, deadliest representatives…

Speaking of white supremacy and its deadly representatives… This skinhead will surely come to trial and be punished as he deserves. What about the (blue) uniformed ones that are immune to prosecution, then?

See what happens when we have porous borders?!?! The terrorists get in! Build that wall! Build that wall!

What? Oh, this guy is FROM the United States… oh, uhm…

Maybe we should build a wall between North and South…?

They never did get around to closing the Mason-Dixon line.

And don’t forget that probably, this guy supports the building of walls around the border as well. Ironic, isn’t it? Believe a demagogue’s scaremongering, build the wall, stand by it, get shot from behind by someone “inspired” by said demagogue… LOL.

Just about everybody in this thread needs to subscribe to the Intelligence Report.

Seriously, y’all. Please do it. It’s depressing, but you need to know about this stuff.

Yeah, not everyone likes the same stuff.

I am just spitballing here, but if the cops started blanket arrests of anyone with facial tattoos, don’t you think there would be less random violence?

No. Because face tattoos don’t cause violence.

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