Meet the woman who keeps Walter White (scientifically) honest


It’s not really meth, it’s actually petrified amorphia.

Crystallized amorphia?

The blue meth is actually a flavor of rock candy, available commercially, according to the show’s property master in one of the dvd extras…

“She has been volunteering as Breaking Bad’s science adviser since season two…”

I HATE to hear that. Everyone else gets paid to work/contribute to the show. It’s not a friggen charity. Pay the lady for her time and knowledge.

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or at least break her off some of that meth, right? that’s the same as cash to a lot of people.

You’ve got one helluva point right there, it’s almost as if the industry puts in the extra effort to subvert science, an exception that comes immediately to mind is Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001’.

Even in the so-called educational channels, it’s all nauseatingly repetitious about what the “science saavy” Hollywood suits push as “glamor” and sensational, all black holes and apocalyptic meteors. Fortunately the BBC still does a great job at it, but I digress. Here are The Whitest Kids You Know parodying The History Channel.


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