Meet this nauseating family of social media "influencers"

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I’ve taken to blocking “influencers” and their ilk on sight on my Instagram account. If they seem particularly spammy I report them.


It’s easier to spell than narcissist, I’ll give em credit for that.


I really want to play Bell-Dice-Cards nows. Have I been influenced?


I still thing Black Mirror did it even better.



What I find offensive is the latest evolution in influencers - who treat intellectual property, copyright, and trust like these concepts are toilet paper.

From the small (like photo/design/image and meme theft on social media) to the large (copyright violation and huge pyramid schemes like Fyre Festival), most business centered around social media is based on what you can steal and get away with, rather than create on your own.


What I find most troubling about this video is the notion that there are f**kwits in our society who will regard it not as comic satire, but as an instruction manual for becoming the next social media ‘It’ family like the Kardashians or the Paltrows. Yeah, that’s just what we need.

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What you note is actually the tip of a much bigger iceberg. The whole concept of “social media” is actually incompatible with he very notion of copyright. The whole concept of “social media” is based on the idea that images, music, etc… can be freely copied and shared so that it can be shown to so-called “friends” and grows virally. The idea if copyright is deeply ingrained in the 19th century concept that copying needs a printing press and therefore a sizeable investment.

Another essential aspect is that the jurisprudence over copyright has changed all over the world. The film and music industry still want everyone to believe it has not, but only because it has changed to their advantage. In truth, modern day copyright only protects owners of large catalogues of copyrighted works and completely forgets individual artists.

I could talk about the subject all day, but it would be a bit much for this forum.

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Malcolm Gladwell did an episode of his podcast “Revisionist HIstory” about this:

Basically, what one group of people would view as satire, another would view as legitimate and thus as endorsement for their actions because they didn’t get the satire.

There is also the recent (and creepy) development of people lifting photos from others’ social media for personal gain and/or to deceive others - “This is my girlfriend/boyfriend/child”. Catfishing on a whole new level.

I could only watch half of that.

The youngest kid is a pretty decent actor methinks.

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