Los Angeles mayor orders utilities cut at cringey TikTok bro's mansion after massive COVID parties

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Do these people work for a living? How are they able to afford these houses? What is their source of income?


Answers: They don’t really work as most of us understand the term (“work” in the context of the media industry usually implies craftsmanship and honing of creative talent, none of which is evident here). Brands that want to appeal to the coveted “vain young douchebag with no critical thinking skills” market contract with middleman companies to cover the rent on these camera’d-up houses (pooled, it ends up being pocket change to large corporations). The douchebag “influencers” get their own income through advertising and affiliate revenue and sponsorship deals associated with placing their “lifestyle” videos (partying, getting wasted, stupid and dangerous stunts, playing video games, using consumer products, opening boxes, etc.) on various social media and streaming platforms (sometimes exclusively, which is why you’ll occasionally see an article making a big deal about someone moving from Twitch to YouTube).

It’s one part of the dysfunctional American social media landscape, a natural offshoot of “reality” TV. Given how trends converge, it’s inevitable that we’ll soon see openly Qanon and Incel mansions being sponsored by corporate brands desperate to make their margins.




I knew I was getting old the moment I realized I was reflexively enraged by teen influencers.


Just the notion that “influencer” is somehow a paying job is enough to convince me that we are nearing peak decadence. Seriously, if you went back in time and showed 20-years-ago me what 2020 is like I’d have laughed it off as over-the-top dystopian farce.


My mind seriously can’t comprehend it. It reeks of the late 90’s, early 2000’s razorfish-esque craziness; real money being thrown away toward perceived, non-existent return.


I don’t get enraged primarily at them. Yeah, they’re thoughtless young douchebags, but they’re being given this exalted status and associated money and perks by corporations that are basically exploiting them and the young viewers who aspire to be like them.

Yes, some of the players are so obnoxious that they’re due as much hate as the game, but the fact is that the vast majority of them will emerge from their brief time of influencer pseudo-fame with no education, no cash in the bank, and no place to live except their parents’ house or maybe that awesome now-5-year-old car they bought new for cash when they thought this would last forever.

Ah, Razorfish. One of many Silicon Alley digital agencies I came into contact with that charged a huge premium for sub-par and empty work supported by lots of buzzwords and fantasy-based graphs and charts and expensive offices.

I see that, after several mergers and acquisitions, the current owners decided at the beginning of this year to bring back the once-toxic Razorfish brand name. Which is totally on-point for 2020, of course.


I like the bioterrorism angle that one Twitter user posted. There has to be some law on the books that you could actually use to jail these walking biohazards.
Cutting off their connections…money, internet access, gofers and enablers…by locking them up would seem to be an effective solution to stem transmission of both virus and stupidity.
Basic rights absolutely exist, but when you’re blatantly and flagrantly endangering the public and the lives of others, you’ve basically become public enemy number one.



I think it’s because having an influencer is cheaper tha have an infomercial TV station, or have testimonial make infomercial on main channels.


everything about “influencers” enrages me. let them all get COVID then. they deserve it.


Influencer is an more acceptable term for ‘professional dumbass’.


Why, though? It’s just a different channel of advertising, and seems like a pretty predictable solution to the problem that if corporate shills are too obvious, they’re seen as inauthentic. My bet is that the kids work pretty cheap, too, compared with the advertising budgets of the companies they’re repping.


He’s the Human Constellation’s number-one-rated Allowed Burglar, one of a very select few permitted to rob the public and keep his plunder - provided he performs with style and avoids getting caught before the caper is broadcast galaxy-wide to his enormous audience.

Drake is so famous as an Allowed Burglar that he has been invited to join the Diadem, the group of celebrities who are well-known enough to need only one name, and whose every movement is recorded and broadcast, and sighed over by billions of humans and aliens in both the Empire and the Human Constellation. Maijstral has made himself a legend by declining to join.

I doubt these bros manage any kind of style.


In case you think i’m exaggerating


By cutting off utilities to a house, it makes it unlivable… unfit for human habitation, you cannot occupy the space. So this is much more serious than his dad coming downstairs at 1am and pulling the jukebox power out of the wall and telling everyone to go home.

The little shit is going to have to go through a amazingly complex ritual of civic bureaucracy to get his house back in good standing. I would imagine all the various departments involved (health, fire, so on) will make every effort to get his party palace back in operation. They know what the deal is.

Said it before, say it again - these pukes might have signed deals with sponsors and such but I doubt there’s any paper between them and TikTok/YouTube/Blah , so one small EULA change would ruin them and it would all come crashing down. Boo hoo.

Maybe bro should ask “Why do people hate me so much and adore Simone Giertz?”


As someone who has several family members who are medical professionals I would just like to again state the obvious: that the act of contracting Covid-19 puts others at risk.

There’s no way to let the idiots get Covid-19 without endangering innocent people, including but not limited to the hospital workers dealing with this nightmare.


Maybe we could update the old “Leper Colony” thing for the 21st century, “Influencer Colony.”


Oh yeah! Some people who wanted to go off-grid in places where you have to maintain (pay) utilities found out the real hard way how the wheels of bureaucracy grind, and that was just the standard setting, not the nasty ones.


yeah, i spoke out of anger. as someone who is recovering from just a mild case of this, i really don’t want anyone to get it. but the stupidity of those kids is just staggering.