Meet Yuna: the first Asian American girl to be the center of a doll line

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The article for this on BoingBoing has the link to the comment section borked. It just links back to the article itself

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Is anyone here wondering how a doll that is being shown to combat physical stereotypes and features an Asian American as the basis has some unrealistic facial features (especially the eyes)?

As an avid manga reader I understand the fascination to the “Manga Eyes” and how unrealistic they are. Manga Eyes explained:

And another story on why the “big eyes” can actually be seen as an insult to women:

Just finding it ironic that something designed to combat stereotypes falls into the same trap they want to combat.

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I’m a big fan of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim’s stuff. Good to see them coming up with new products.

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Do the Indian equivalent, and I can drum up a few sales.

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Is awesome. Going in.

I really like the doll and I’m seriously tempted to buy it for myself. The thing is that it looks like the hair is part of the head… I’d prefer the hair to be swappable.

Also bonus point, the doll looks similar in style to Gorillaz.

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