Meet Zappa, the Derpy Dog


I know a guy who’s into hairless dogs (rescues). A couple of his had that trait of the tongue hanging to one side. They also had tooth problems, being hairless. Breeding does odd things.


Small dogs often lose their teeth, probably because they can’t chew up big crunchy biscuits.

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His tongue hangs out due to having no teeth. Smaller dogs tend to have bad tooth decay, and owners usually end up having to remove them as they age. My fifteen year old five pound toy rat terrier looks almost exactly like this guy!


Looks remarkably like “Santa‘s Little Helper.”


Greyhounds have huge slashing canine teeth, I guess for taking down deer and rabbits.

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Herds of Wildebeest more like.
This guy looks like Ren. Or is it Stimpy?

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I’ve seen this exact thing before. It’s a tongue condition caused by licking the hair off guinea pigs.


I have a 13 year old beagle mix missing her front teeth so her tongue just sticks out the front all the time. Now I have a 2 year old dachsund-spaniel mix that imitates her, even though he has all his teeth.

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