Portraits of delightfully odd-looking hairless dogs


There’s a Xolo-mix in my neighbourhood (Toronto) and its hilarious, very active, very smart, and funny. Some dogs are just wired for funny goofy antics and she’s one of them.

Though I may be biased because I see her outside in the winter in her full body snow suits and boots, and thats just inherently funny. (also her mix has given her a blond mohawk, which is also damn funny).

Very very sweet dog. Two thumbs up, would recommend! :slight_smile:

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I once met a guy who had an even goofier-looking one than the bottom pit. He was a well-mannered little dog; his owner named him “Bummer”.

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We call that the “derp-tongue”. Greyhounds, often missing teeth as a consequence of their track years, make the same expression.

In hairless Chinese Cresteds, the gene for hairlessness is linked with poor dentition, because genetics are weird. The effect is much the same, of course. Ours has lost several teeth over the years, but she still has enough to keep her tongue in place, for now.

From the linked article:

She found the Chinese Crested to be sullen and skittish, possibly a result of their generations of domestication.

My experience has been different than the author of the linked article. At 6.5lbs(2.95Kg), she is well aware of her size, but we have learned to be careful when introducing her to larger dogs. In those situations, she will often take a quick nip at their nose to make her feelings known. This does not fit my internal definition of sullen or skittish. She doesn’t much like her picture being taken, although she is much more cooperative when the flash is not pointed directly at her, or one is not used at all.

I don’t know where this photographer learned to identify animals but that second one is clearly some kind of bat.

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