Smooth chihuahua Nana has the derp game on lock


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Poor inbred creature.


There are certain breeds where you just want to grab the owners and be like, “STAAAPP!!! Let the line die out.”

I fully expect there to be a “dog” at some point that is just a pink puddle of flesh with an eye or two randomly placed among a nose, mouth with extra long tongue, and a couple holes to poo and pee out of of.


Ah, the Trumphound.


Or just let them have sex with other types of dogs.


That works. Mutts are cuter and generally smarter with less health issues.

Plus given how cool some of the half breeds are, I am surprised there aren’t more mixings like this. I guess the labordoodle is basically this?


“Your place or mine?”



Also, despite the fact that Guts from Kill La Kill is supposed to be a pug, I think Nana could play him in a live action version of the show:

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