Megathread of Facebook's terrible, horrible, no-good eternity

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Thanks for this, it makes me feel extra-smug today! (stroll away humming)


I was glad I had never really used Facebook. I made an account about a decade ago and had too many red flags (It kept asking for my gmail account and password to get my contacts to search for people and the settings panels were a nightmare)

I do have an instragram account but I was a member before Facebook gobbled them up and I do still use it a bit. I never converted it past the original logon and even only use it on a browser on my phone as it’s less obnoxious that way. (Adblocker on firefox seems to make this more usable)

I expect I’m going to have to ditch it once they integrate it with WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.


I logged on to Facebook for the first time in a year. I needed to access a forgotten phone number, and while I was at it deleted every picture I ever posted, every post I wrote, and untagged every picture. Just looking at the timeline for five minutes reminded me of all the reasons I stopped using it. I was just awash in anger and misery almost instantly. I dont miss it in the least.

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Q2 2021, Zuck announces a new pivot: Oculus-based retirement “homes” for retiring, impoverished Boomers.

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You leave me no alternative but to remind you all to



SIGH. After years of being away, I signed up again just so I could post some important information at my kids’ school’s page. And then I learned about all these things that are happening in my extended family that I would not know about otherwise because everyone I care about uses the damn platform and doesn’t communicate in any other way!!!


Oh, the irony of that being a Tumblr post.

I had an account for about a year,
which felt like an eternity.
The endless need to “like” ,
read posts,
share posts,
It was another J. O. B.
No Twit account, either.
All my needs are met

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