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As it turns out, it does. Some slight problems, the event that I started disappeared. I found out at a get-together One of the other group members who is still on FB has to put it back. Some of the links I see on Twitter lead back to FB so I ignore them. But overall the experiment is working well.

Have you quit Facebook? Any issues?

(Please, if you never joined FB, just pat yourself on the back, no need to tell me about it.)


I joined facebook back in the beginning when it was all my college aged friends and growing to include great apps like SNES emulators. Then it went global and some people I knew in Europe and I got back in touch. It was awesome.

Then more people joined… extended family and ransoms with far too much free time. Suddenly I noticed I never go anymore because all those chain emails and scam emails are now posted on my wall.

So I quit and “deleted” my account. Then I got an iPhone and rejoined to get bonuses in shitty mobile games. Still never visit the site, and I don’t even think about it at all.



Haven’t quit, but only login about once a quarter… Never really participated - just joined to have access to friends’ and family’s kids pics…


Like @crenquis, I log on once in awhile to see family pictures. My mother, however, drains her iPad’s battery looking through it. She often calls me to ask how to post pictures or whatnot; I got her this book for Christmas:


My mother-in-law is a Facebook addict… The wife and I are always ducking out of photos so that we don’t end up on her timeline. We call her our teenager…
The wife deleted her account soon after joining because she attracted some old stalkers.


The only reason I made an account was to get my name in there first, because it’s not as unusual as it used to be.


I finally joined in the fall of '15, because I’d realized it was the main connection between so many people I’d lost touch with over the years (mainly high school).
However, I was beginning to become rather irked by the beginning of '16, and as the presidential campaign heated up, people started showing their true colors.
I do get the occasional message from those who care to communicate, but I just don’t feel like going back to that mess again.


There’s sometimes a reason why you lose touch with people. When I realized a lot of my old friends were ardent Trump supporters, I questioned the value of regaining old connections.

Lately, I’ve been looking at the panel on the interface that shows how many people are talking about a given subject. Most recently, a story about how Anthony Bourdain did an interview and said he would never eat at a restaurant in a Trump hotel, and how he would lose respect for any chef who worked in one. And I scroll through, looking for the obtuse and hateful commentary, sort of like tonguing a sore on the inside of my mouth, or rubbing a hangnail – It hurts to do it, but I can’t seem to not do it. So these crazy Breitbarters seem to be coordinatingly commenting on FB, saying how no one cares what this nobody Bourdain says, except for the fact that for three days, tens of thousands of people cared enough to comment on Facebook. So very strange.


I joined facebook, had about 600 ‘friends’ at one point. Then I got a stalker, a more than online one. After some bunny boiling I left facebook and didn’t miss it, I noticed.

I find their current privacy regimen sufficient that between the content controls and my choice of a VERY few people to ‘friend’, as well as a blocklist of stalker and enablers, I can still interact with the 30 or so people I really give a damn about and still easily receive invites and follow bands and businesses on a widely used platform.

It is a social platform, like a diving board is a diving platform. You still have to have a life/pool of your own to jump into from it.


I had a page ages and ages ago. It still exists, but I haven’t even looked it in years. I originally made it to keep in touch with work friends when our store got closed, but I let too many old school acquaintances sign up and I couldn’t keep track of anyone. Plus my ex and I broke up; he was extremely active on FB and I didn’t need to see his crap. (I know I could have blocked him… but at the time it wasn’t worth the effort to save the page.) Eventually I’ll probably get around to deleting it, but I haven’t bothered. Unfortunately, many of my family is active on Facebook, so I may wind up making a new page just for them alone.


Quitting Facebook feels GREAT but then you have to find another platform to gloat about it.


I need the events, I’ve been off for a month or so and it’s made it tough to connect with artists and musicians otherwise :confused:


This sounds like the problem I’m likely to have/already having! How have you dealt with the whole rest of it?


I haven’t, really. I’d passively rely on the spouse for most shared-friend events but my own interests tend to fall by the wayside without direct attention :frowning:

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