A recipe for the deliberately obscured task of changing your Facebook settings to opt out of "platform" sharing

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Privacy is great, but so are all the mobile MMOs from Korea that I like to play. Maybe I’ll just socialize less and play more games.


They should rename it “In Your Facebook.”


I implore all users of FBook to drop it like a hot potato, get out before it eats your head, literally.


Yeah well, I just deleted my damn FB account. Good riddance.


I would, but seeing as I live halfway round the world (both by hemispheres and timezones) from most of my friends and all of my family that’s not really feasible. It’s the best way to let them keep track of me. I’m not someone who will ever write good letters.


Seems like it doesn’t really matter what your Facebook settings are, if Facebook just gives all the data away, willy-nilly, to random “academics” who don’t even need to explain what they’re going to do with it (and end up giving it to shady groups like C.A.). As if Facebook having that data wasn’t really the issue anyways, because manipulating people with it is basically their whole reason to exist in the first place.


I’ve heard you don’t even need to have an account. They’ve got a detailed dossier on you just based on your friends’ stuff. You’re already aggregated. Think about that next time the Jill Stein ads start popping up.


Giving advice on “healthy” ways to use facebook seems like recommending the least-harmful brands of antifreeze to drink. Sure, you might not be able to quit right now, but at least keep that as an aspiration, jeez.

If you know facebook makes your life and the world worse, but don’t want to quit because all your friends are there, consider: maybe you not quitting is what’s stopping all your friends from improving their psychic health, too.


What if that was the only way to stay connected? It was when I traveled the world in the ole century…

I still have my account, but it is used as a personal Emergency Broadcast Network (family member is dead or dying). But it’s been a long time since I actually nosed around there. Can’t say I’ve ever really missed it, either.

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“Healthy” like switching to a low tar cigarette!


Got a good chuckle out’a that one.

Then I guess that’s what I would do. Less often than my family would like. As it is they’re all on Facebook and we’re in contact there but still less often than they would like…

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Delete platform directions no longer working as of 21mar18, maybe FB has to have something they can sell since we are the product !!!

Worked fine for me.

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