An insider's view of Facebook's 15 months in hell: my take

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we all have the power to end facebook by walking away


you can delete Facebook! I used it regularly, I had hundreds of friends, I miss the status updates and pictures of my friends’ kids. But overall life’s better without it even before you consider what a horrible company Facebook is.


Mmm. Great in theory, but only if everyone agreed to do it. It would be awesome to see, but we can’t even get 5 managers to agree on where to have lunch any given day.

(edit) To be clear, the only reason I have a FB account is – at the moment – my job requires it. My wife, however… I keep sending her these articles, but I know she won’t drop it until she decides it’s not useful to her.

(edit2) For the hell of it, I used the “Share” button at the bottom of the article to send the story to my FB feed. It’ll be interesting if it stays up.


“End” it, or just transform it into something else? If we stop willingly giving them our information, would they actually stop collecting it? (I don’t have a Facebook account, yet I’m fairly sure they still have reams of data they’ve collected from me.)
The monster has already been created and I rather suspect it wouldn’t die so easily - that if everyone walked away from Facebook, they’d simply transform themselves into a third-party data tracker and ad service, moving entirely into those types of data collection that don’t involve consent.


As the UK’s surveillance and censorship machine ramps up in the coming months since releasing that white paper, which is so broad in its scope you could fly an airliner through it, we’ll be able to lay the blame on this piece of shit corporation for being unable and unwilling to take some responsibility.

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That’s a great idea, but unless FB suddenly shuts down I have no chance of convincing all my friends and family (who I on average live half a planet away from) to switch to a less sleazy platform so that I can keep in touch with them.

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