Over 30 ex-Facebook employees slam Zuckerberg's inaction on harmful political posts in open letter

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If there’s anything I’ve learned since the dawn of Facebook, it’s that Facebook does not care. Full stop. If they can make money they will continue to do it, regardless of the impacts on society. Delete your Facebook account and you will be happier.


Question for you (and anyone else)…if you were one of the insiders working in the White House and seeing exactly what kind of monster Nostradumbass is…do you:

A) Stay there. knowing that being there means you can try to remain a voice of reason or dissent. That you can bear witness and provide an account for truth and facts. That you can possibly, change his mind or prevent him from doing something rash.

B) Resign. State your reasons, clearly and without reservation. Tell the world what a monster he is and how you can no longer support the administration and you cannot be a part of whatever awfulness they do in the future.

I feel that staying on FB or departing it is exactly the same choice for the majority of us. It’s great that you have the personal situation where you can drop it and face no repercussions. But for many of us, it is the only way to still connect with various friends and family members. It’s still the way we can be part of conversations and discussions with those people who we disagree with. It is still the best way for us to see posts shared that ARE fake and not real info and we can help counter those things.

My mom is 74…she isn’t going to drop facebook. But I can stay on there and when she shares things I can communicate and set her straight.

My point here is…sure maybe I would be happier. But is the world a better place for it?


To which Zuck replies: “I’ll do what I want, I have the voting rights as well as the equity. Dumbf*cks.”


This is where the board of directors may decide to step up here and oust him. The question is internally is this all on Zuck, or are the all complicit.

I suspect its more one voice dominating the scene.


Even if they do oust him, he still has enough equity and votes to continue to be a poisonous influence on the company. Adam Neumann had the same kind of founder’s terms, and when the WeWork board finally got fed up with his nonsense they had to pay him $1.7-billion just to go away (it looks like they can now claw some of it back).


You’re making fair points, and I honestly don’t have good answers for them.

I believe that staying there and trying to help people differentiate between fact and outright lies is a valiant effort, and if you’re finding success with that with your family and friends then I would say that it is worthwhile for you. My personal experience has been that, where politics are concerned, most people are incapable of hearing thoughts that don’t align with what they’ve been told is “true.”

I only have so many hours in a day to spend rolling this boulder uphill, and if it’s just going to roll back down the other side to start all over again I may as well find a different endeavor that makes better use of my time.

I completely understand the alienation and communication gap with your friends and family, and I certainly felt them. My experience (ymmv, etc. etc.) is that the people you will lose touch with are the people that weren’t that important to your life anyway. Yes, that sounds callous, but the hundreds of high school “friends” that I haven’t actually spoken to or seen in real life in over two decades were okay to lose touch with.


My experience has been the opposite. Joining a few years back meant getting back i touch with some old friends who I now find we share the same viewpoints and it helps knowing I have allies.

Like I said…I agree that dumping it can be a good thing…I dumped Twitter myself a few years ago and I have been immensely happier for it. FB is a different animal though and I think it is a much heavier lift for some of us.

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I continue to refuse to believe this pat excuse is real or true.

Phone them, email, them, text them, Skype/videocall them. They’ll get the message eventually,especially if you explain why you eschew fuckbook.

Your other reason has some credibility (to ‘save’ your mom) but trying to wean her off it is still a better (if parallel) course.


I can only speak to my experience and make a safe assumption that I am literally not the only one. So…grain of salt, ymmv, etc.

Facebook is in part a Republican propaganda outfit. Exposing to people with toxicity in their feed because an algorithm “thinks” it appropriate is a clue, albeit a fairly subtle one. Clearer is Zuckerberg’s attachment to Peter Thiel (do an online search if your unfamiliar with his background) and putting Campbell Brown sorta, kinda in charge of the news operation. Their DC lobbying office is composed of GOP operatives. Obviously, given the GOP’s control, having their operatives making up most of the office makes sense. Having it manned solely by GOP hacks is a tell.
All these FB employees who just learned what they work for is sad but, you know, it required denial at best so, specially now, I have no sympathy.


More Scheißberg than zuckerberg

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