Men named Dennis more likely to become dentists


So that’s why I became a gunslinger.

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I’d been curious how one ought to pronounce it. My money was on “bes-KEET-za.”

It’s “azz-wee-pay.”

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So how do you become a dentist in Skyrim? because Dennis is what I named my character.

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I’m not sure what inspiration I’m supposed to be taking from Koerth. All it means is that, somewhere along the line, I had an ancestor named Konrad. Nor is it particularly sound-alike with anything. Maybe I should be doing more earth-science writing.

I’ve known… 2 Dennis’ personally (well, one has one n in his name, not two). I’m not sure what one is up to now, but he wasn’t a dentist. The other is an historian of Asia and a pretty good bluegrass musician (he plays mandolin). Anecdotal, I know…

I haven’t read the study. I really hope they considered that we tend to do what our parents and older relatives do. They do tend to have the same names we do.


By this logic I should have become a porn star.

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meh. with a last name like wismer, you’d think i’d have become a wizard. nope.

my first name, though… i like to say “i’m kurt” because it has a fairly accurate double meaning.

First thing I thought of:

What about Roger? Are they more likely to become shrubbers? And what of Tim?

I had a dentist named Dr. Payne. No joke.

Dennis Rodman never got this memo…

How about this guy?

Looks like the author of the article managed to dodge her fate, unless “writer for the new republic” is just her day job…

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With a name like Webster, I was just born at the right time to become involved with the internet and work as a sysadmin.

Starship Captain here…

In the land of “beschissen”, we actually have a minister called Andrea Nahles.

Okay, my first name…are we going by how it sounds or its meaning? Because if we go by sound, then I’m a prostitute, I expect. And since I don’t plan on every changing my surname again, I guess being a Goth is…okay; but a Goth prostitute? A fun study, but not widely accurate across the board.