Nominative Determinism


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This is why I have been always impressed by Alan Tudyk’s stead-fast non-porn work ethic.


I’m sorry, but I have to ask: did he set fire to any porta-potties?


Which is why I say…


I’ve known drunks named Burden and Heel


He does look a like mister burns.


Florida Man has only trouble in his future.


Reading the title, for a split second I thought his name was “Arson Suspect,” which would be some pretty damn strong nominative determinism…


Until I clicked through to the article I thought the same - Arson wasn’t too far from Orson so seemed quite plausible. ‘Bernie Houseman’ however is guilty as charged.


Dear Boingboing -

This is not always true.

Jimmy Sexworker


Jerry Lewis: What about Doctor OW!?!


I’m still waiting for Moxie Crimefighter Jillette to live up to her potential.


I knew an network cabling engineer named DC Current. He had a brother named AC Current who worked as an electrician.



I accept that no one will ever believe this story. It was my experience and I enjoyed it.


Are you saying she isn’t displaying much moxie?


I am saying I don’t think she’s fought any actual crime yet.


In Devon alone I can recall about 25 years ago there being a Dr De’Ath in Dartmouth (pharmacist), Dr Blood in Bude (Doctor) (those two may have bee the other way around), and I recently walked by a Dentist practice called ‘El Nashar’ in Newton Abbot (gnashers are British slang for teeth for anyone not aware)


I’m disappointed there has been no mention of Dr Dick Chopp’s vasectomies yet.


It was years before I realized Messier is not a great name for a dentist. But if you’re reading Doc, you’re the best.