Chemist presents results of study on booze, irony


He should get Robby to help.

Guess it was his dharma.

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That the scientist’s name is Tom Collins does not fit the definition of irony. It is a little funny, but not ironic.

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The New Scientist had a regularly running feature on examples of Nominative Determinism.

This list has some pretty great examples of real doctor names, including chiropractors (Dr Popwell; Dr Wack; Dr Bonebrake), dermatologists (Dr Spot; Dr Rash), and surgeons (Dr Hackman; Dr Blades; Dr Gore, Dr Hacker; Dr Payne, Dr Slaughter)…

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Yeah, that’s the sort of Alanis Morisette Irony that BB likes to mock.


My wife’s gynecologist is Dr. Knuckles.

Interestingly, another thing that varies between whiskys is their trace metal profile. You can tell if a whisky has been made in a traditional pot still or if it has been blended with continuous-still spirit by the level of trace copper in it.

Or, by just tasting it, but where’s the science in that.

That’s painful just to think about.

When I was very young, I went to an allergist whose name was Dr. Slaughter. After he died, my parents took me to a pediatrician named Dr. Builder. Later, I had an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Huang, and a few years later went to another orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Wright.

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