Menorah bong makes Hanukkah a "high holiday"


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In order to be a proper menorah, shouldn't you only smoke one bowl per day of Hanukkah, not smoke all of them at once?

Or is it that you'd smoke a hit from one bowl the first day, two bowls at once the second, three at once the third, and so on?

IDK, I'm not jewish...anyone here who is have any opinions on this?


In the tradition of rabbi Shammai all the bowls candles are lit on the first night and one is extinguished each night after that to represent the gradually diminishing temple oil.

Of course no one, as far as I know, has practiced that tradition in a very long time, the tradition of rabbi Hillel--adding a candle each night--being what's preferred.

I was going somewhere with this, but...


I'd hit it


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Um that is a pretty tasteless co-opting of what is supposed to be a somber tradition. Fortunately jews seem to be the last people to be up tight about their religion (excluding orthodox).


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Somber tradition? At Chanukkah we light some candles, exchange gifts, eat greasy food and encourage our children to gamble to commemorate guerrilla warfare and oil lasting longer than expected.

It's not quite Purim (costumes and drunkenness to celebrate reverse genocide), Lag B'Omer (bonfires, instrumental jam sessions and haircuts to celebrate a break in a somber period) or Tu B'Av (unmarried girls in white dresses dancing to celebrate... well, nobody's really sure). But it's definitely not at the somber end of the Jewish festival spectrum.

Lighting one (or eight or nine) up doesn't seem all that inconsistent with the themes of Chanukkah. Although hash oil might be a more apropos choice of recreational pharmaceutical.


Somber isn't the right word. It's a celebration, after all. Reverent? Holy? Religious?


Ultra traditional!

It is a burnt offering unto the LORD; it is a sweet savour, an offering made by fire unto the LORD.


Wow, that's a lot of weed and a lot of bowls to go solo with. I'm getting buzzed just watching the dude blaze that baby up.


"Hey Dave, Remember that time when Mike went to Costa Rica for 8 days? And you were all going to get him to use his hook up to score us a bag to hold us over while he was out, but then right as you got back from dropping him off at the airport you slapped yourself on the forehead and were all like 'Oh no!'. You remember we had to tear the place upside down looking for some dank and all we found was an old film can with some mysterious ganj?"
"But then it turned out to be really good shit! And it lasted us all 8 days!"
"I tell you, something cosmic was looking out for us then, man. Jah, or Krishna or whoever. We gotta do something to remember that. You know, that if we keep doing good things, we got karma on our side."


It'd fit right in at Rosenberg & Goldstein's apartment in Harold & Kumar.


each day you light a cumulative amount of candles until you reach the maximum at which point you reset to null until future a Chanukah day.


Nice concern troll, but I'd be pretty surprised if the folks who made this aren't Jewish.


DUDE slow down, this bag has to last us 8 days and 8 nights!
Chronicaukkah, Chronicaukkah, we like to Smoke our Marijuanaukkah!


Thank you for this, David. It brings me a few steps closer to understanding the mysteries of the Chanukah Zombie.


There are 2 main types of Jewish holidays: ones mentioned in the Torah, and those added in the 900-year period of Jewish history following the destruction of the 2nd Temple. The Biblical ones are the biggies, like Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Passover.

Channukah falls into the second category, and is more or less a military victory celebration that gets elevated in the media as the "Jewish Christmas" due to its unfortunate scheduling. Gift giving was historically more a Purim (springtime) thing.




Seems kosher.