The Grav Menorah: Hannukah suddenly a high holiday


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I dunno… that seems as disrespectful as like a Crucifix bong. I am not going to google that, but I bet it exists. I mean I am all for making religion “fun”, but there is a point where fun becomes offensive. YMMV, Not Jewish so I don’t have a dog in this fight.


Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam, asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tsivanu to get wicked lifted.


In case you’re having Snoop over for the holidays…



This falls short of the rules around a menorah. It is unlikely to burn long enough, have a single wick, and the lighting process is different.


Its certainly better than the crucifix dildos seen in convents, The Exorcist, and about 2 dozen European softcore films.


I think we need to move away from the idea that any religion is anything worthy of public respect.


Would you say the same thing about specific cultures? Because the two are intertwined.

Again for me, this is not like “pearl clutching, ‘Y’all going to hell!’” More like an eye roll.

Wait, you’ve seen them in convents? Are you friends with a lot of nuns or something?


Awww. . . and I was just about to convert.


Those things are marketed to them, like laundry detergent which works well with black and white clothing and ruler polish.


I’m 99%sure that the people who made this are Jewish, so this is a case where respect for the religion and culture are distinct.

In the more general sense, I don’t really have a problem with Judaism, because Jews these days are not really prone to suggesting that their religion should have secular authority over anyone. That isn’t the case for most religions, an I would say that religions whose followers are trying to usurp temporal authority deserve no public respect at all, and the followers of those religions who do support separation of church and state should take it up with their extremist brethren, rather than the people disrespecting their religion.


Really? I figured it would be more women into Ozzy or Type O Negative.


Certainly not all Jews, but definitely enough to make that statement way too general. If you want to continue not having a problem with Judaism, that’s cool–I’m 100% with you there. Certainly I don’t think that specific Jewish institutions and attitudes should be seen as reflective of a broad and diverse body of people… I just extend that to people in all religions, rather than singling different ones out based on spurious assumptions of monoculture.


I know way more Jewish stoners than Jewish drunks, so this makes perfect sense to me.




No reason it can’t be two things. :grin:


That’s some My Way or the Highway! fundamentalism there.


I completely agree.


As I say every year that this shows up…

And even though the nug was only big enough to last night it lasted eight. נס גדול היה שם