Monstrous menorahs!


With menorahs like that I’d be tempted to go with the tradition of Shammai and light all the candles on the first night, then extinguishing one over the subsequent nights.


A short treatise I wrote just the other day on this very topic:“On the cultural and religious significance of the Menorasaurus Rex in the traditional celebration of Hanukkah”


Though there might be something in the Old Testament forbidding candles on shellfish.


IANAR, but I’m pretty sure dinosaurs are just as treyf as lobsters.


Nice response to this question of kosher dinosaur here:


Yep, the Menobster caused cognitive dissonance for me also.


As are lions, which have been on menorahs for ages.

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Only if you’re planning to eat the menorah.

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OMG, people… It’s just WRONG to make Judaism fun!!!


I think it’d be cool to make “real” versions of this. Not so much painted plastic cheapness, but cast metal delight!

The ideas are delightful and whimsical, but the execution is quite wanting (IMHO).

(and yeah, chalk me up as a menorahsaurus snob if that’s what the above means)

Bobo - My wife, “good little Jewish girl” that she is, said the same thing - “they’d be really cool if they were actually cast in bronze or brass”.

Anything plastic can be recast in bronze - just use it to make a form! :smiley:

…lobby the vendor to use PLA as the plastic? That one is easy to burn off in the form… Or cast to silicone, use silicone mould to cast wax, use wax for lost-wax casting of metal?

…a real-real one would be even better, with a live tyrannosaurus carrying seven flamethrowers…

The oil may have lasted 8 days but this gag was 65 million years in the making.

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