MAKE: a tiki-mug menorah


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I’m not actually jewish, but aren’t 8 of the candles supposed to be in a straight line as part of the requirements? I’m not sure this counts as a kosher hannukhah menorah…assuming that’s what you call a within-the-rules hannukhah candleholder.


I’ve seen a wide range of designs including many with with candles at different levels. And indeed different levels may be a reference to the tradition of Rabbi Schammai who said all the candles should be lit first and then one extinguished each night to represent the gradually diminishing oil.

Rabbi Hillel said a new candle should be lit each night as a symbol of growing hope and that became the accepted practice.

Anyway I think there’s some leeway here.


Having Major Tiki Mug Envy…i only have a few and am jealous of this amazing collection. especially the center one and the shrunken head one.


If you’re making a menorah out of pagan idols then I think that may be the least of your worries! :smile:


no, there’s really not much leeway here. While there is nothing wrong about lighting an unkosher hannukiah, it is not considered a fulfillment of the commandments without the menorah having 8 candles level. Orthodox and religious Conservative families would almost certainly never light a menorah shaped like this one unless they also lit a kosher one as well.


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