Mercator projection from anywhere in the world


Neat, although I’m not sure why it’s sideways – typically Mercator is displayed with the distortion extending vertically. Type in “north pole” and you get the projection that you see on maps – but turned 90º.

Also, it be nice to have it reversed – when you type in, e.g. “Cambridge MA” it would be nice to have a map that’s most useful for Cambridge, versus being most useless for Cambridge. But I guess this way is more fun, and forces you to consider the distortion more. :wink:

Look familiar?


Exactly. it would actually be useful to be able to easily create a transverse Mercator where the “equator” with least distortion was determined by two points. That would make it easier to plot great circle routes as a collection of rhumb lines. This is an exercise in illustrating the extreme distortion at the “poles” of the Mercator projection…

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