Mermaid convention photographs by Arthur Drooker


Yes, mankind’s oldest dream- being half fish.


So these aren’t professionals like the Wikee-Watchee mermaids? They’re just… hobbyists? I suppose it’s unfair to call them fetishists.

In one of the Jacques Cousteau books I had as a kid there was a story about a woman who was so beautiful a lobster fell in love with her and dragged her into the ocean. She became a mermaid, but the story ended with her becoming more and more like a fish every day. It stuck with me that there was something deeply sad about mermaids.

It’s nice to see a happy…er, what do you call a group of mermaids?

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They’d probably get upset if you were to say “sea cows” or “manatees” as well…

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How about a “pod”, like dolphins… I don’t think a “bloat” of mermaiden would go over well. But they’re probably easy to outrun on land if you said it.


Trivia question: who said “They ain’t fish! They’re hoomaner than you’ll ever be!”

Dispite all the obvious biological problems that merfolk present from a scientific perspective, the one hang-up I can’t get past is that the tail fins are oriented along the wrong axis. Fish have tail fins that are parallel with the plane of symmetry; Mammalian fins are horizontal. Either they are half fish and doing it wrong, or they are half cetacean and doing it wrong. Popular mer-culture is perpetuating a lie!


Well the gender-neutral plural is merfolk, but not sure about the collective noun.

Also, those are 10 lucky mermen.

The bride wore a shiny tail while the groom donned a tuxedo T-shirt and black swim trunks—attendees splashed their congratulations as the ceremony came to an end.

Wedding night complications ensue!


First Furries, now… Scalies? Oh dear.

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