Merriam-Webster vs.


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“I like my sugar with coffee and cream”
From “Intergalactic”


If you zoom and enhance the image, you can see that there’s no optimism in the literature, either.

I think it’s a statement about how you can’t always get what you want.




We’ve always been at war with Roget.


Me, I like my coffee with grappa.


Urban Dictionary’s spokesperson, Mr. Ignatius M. Gay, has released the following comment regarding this war of words: “Face it…ur both dillweeds lol!”



I thought this was going to be a thread about which authority is more popular, or accurate, or something like that. The reality is better!


Between the two of them I would still bet on the Oxford English Dictionary. Don’t mess with a madman’s book.


That is literally one of the few cases where being a dictionary pedant is appropriate.


I thought “women in overly-long-sleeved sweaters with coffee” would be a thing like “women laughing with salad”. It’s not.


right, until you know who took the plums you were saving for breakfast.


those are some nice cream-colored sheets.


I’ll have Stroh 80 in mine.


Did they dance back!? Oh, no. It’s on.


I’d like my Kory Stamper straight up, please.


And uh, by the way, Pemberly is misspelled. It’s Pemberley. Hello!


Maybe that’s why the book is sitting on the bed unfinished and the coffee is undranked. Read the quote as a complaint about the service and it makes perfect sense.


Maybe it’s a statement about how a woman can’t even enjoy a coffee and a book without being criticised for her choices?