Meru - documentary about the attempt to scale an unclimbed mountain

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Saw this at True/False last March. Inspiring story and absolutely amazing footage, mostly taken by Jimmy Chin (who’s also a hell of a nice guy).


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“Video not available”.

Yea, seems strange why a trailer would not be available; their website also still links to it.

Server melted from a Boinging?

Rogue copyrightists methinks.

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Finally, I realize the trailer is playing fine over on Facebook, so here’s the link: The trailer is about as terrifying and spectacular as I imagined. The film is not coming to Vancouver, BC but was just announced for Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City. It is coming to Vancouver, WA Sept 11, along with many other cities across the US. I’m still confused why in the middle of their schedule, this limited release film still hasn’t corrected their trailer on Youtube or their website proper. And they did not respond to my query on Twitter. Too busy climbing mountains, I guess.

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