Glacier collapses immediately on request

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Mother of sweet acceleration don’t fail me now!

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Maybe we could recover some of the ice shelf if he offered some polite encouragement instead of all that negativity.

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Just be cool man, be cool.

Please tow it up to Northern California and let it melt here.

Their elation at having not just been killed reminds me of one of the only times I ever saw Klaus Kinski behave like a normal human being, in Herzog’s ‘My Best Fiend’.

They’re in the middle of filming Fitzcarraldo and the boats moorings are broken, it eventually comes to a crashing halt down river and, with the cameras still rolling, Kinski is caught on film in this giddy state, made human by the near death experience he has just shared with the crew.

I don’t know why I’m telling y’all this, but it seems relevant. ‘Something something climate change’, I guess.


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