Antarctica’s Larsen B ice shelf will disintegrate before end of decade

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Solution: Stop giving NASA money to tell us this stuff!


Well what you don’t know can’t hurt you. (Who ever thought up that saying?)


let me put on my peril sensitive sunglasses so i can stay calm through the sea level changing apocalypse.

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My dentist. He uses “Ignore your teeth, they’ll just go away” all the time.


Danger - thin ice!
No skating allowed!

Larsen B by British Sea Power

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I don’t know. But they can’t hurt me.

Good. We’re winning.
You don’t realize just how dangerous it is. I walked on ice this one time and came out of the encounter with a bruised hip!
The police refused to press charges, insisting that I “slipped” and that “it was an accident” (and also that they were “not 911” and that I should “stop calling” or they would “call the police”).
And, if anything, due to its sheer size, this Antarctic ice shelf thing dwarfs that danger!

I tell my son never buy low lying land, the ocean will come to you. Its going to be quite a century.

Black ice is the most dangerous of all ice.

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This is why I know that Ted Cruz is lying about global warming, rather than just being crazy ( though there are many other issues on which he’s probably just crazy). If he actually believed the bullshit he spouts, he wouldn’t be trying to get NASA to stop gathering physical data on the earth, because he would expect those data to bear out his position.


He also gets to call for cutting their funding because “we should solve problems on earth, not pie in the sky for those Communists Kennedy and Johnson.”

Groucho Marx: What you don’t know can’t hurt you … which should make you safe from pretty much anything


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