NASA study reveals new threat to rapidly melting East Antarctic glacier


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Can I file a DMCA complaint against reverse-engineering of glaciers?


No need to worry. Ted Cruz already has the solution. Cut NASA’s environmental science budget to zero and the problem goes away like magic.

Tune in next week for Ted Cruz’s solution to curing cancer.


Ooooh, thanks for doing my homework for me, Xeni! Now that the paper’s been published, I can finally finish my interview with the lead author!

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The Totten Glacier sounds like a location in a pulp novel.

What Cruz and his like really want to do is to prevent the general public from getting this kind of information. Knowledge of future trends is very valuable to investors, whereas if everybody knows it, it is much less valuable. Persuading the public that nothing is happening facilitates covert investment in areas and assets that will benefit from rising sea levels, increasing temperatures and so on.
I imagine there are climate change denialists out there who in reality are spending money to identify where flooding is more likely and what areas will be suitable for development. In crude terms “Sea rise 3.3M? Find me some places that will be prime beachfront if that happens!”


No, but you can probably get Youtube videos of glaciers taken down because you claim to have IP rights over a melting ice cube.

Heh - I remember “YouTube”…

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