Meshuggah's new video is delightfully trippy

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Ah thanks boingboing! I love these guys - saw them on the Obzen tour at the roundhouse in [looks it up]… 2008! Great show, unreal playing and performance - although I recall the crowd was pretty tame participation-wise. We tried to get it happening. Fuck, I’m old eh.

Catch 33 was very, very awesome.

Also happy democracy-sausage-cupcake-savourytoast-day Australia! You reckon Albo will get up?

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I have tickets to see them in September, going to be amazing. Saw them on (probably Obzen) tour too. More mind blowing live than on the album for sure.

This song however, is different. I love it. It really is a great song to be more accessible to people when they want to understand Meshuggah, but aren’t mentally prepared. The video itself is excellent, adds to the music tremendously, and the ending with the whispers and the smoke shapes gave me goosebumps.

Shout-out to Devin for this because I was a bit confused about a previous post saying rock was dead and I suggested this, but he didn’t really mean metal.

Also, some time after that conversation, I thought of Ghost as possibly another accessible rock band that is radio friendly… well, the music is radio friendly… the lyrics are sus :smiley: The main thing that comes to mind with Ghost is Blue Oyster Cult, and, well, let’s just say there is a lot more to BOC than “more cowbell” :smiley:

Catch 33 was the album I got into Meshuggah by/with, but I more liked Obzen, then I more liked Koloss, and Violent Sleep of Reason, and now Immutable.

I believe it was VSoL where they talked about transitioning to playing together while recording instead of recording bits individually and patching it all together later. For instance, the drums on Catch 33 were all programmed on a computer for the recording. Hard to imagine you can get the same feeling as having it played by a person. Now… were they going for cold machine-like music, sure, so it fits.

Haake drum inspiration interview, very cool.

Beauty, thanks for those. I remember hearing a track from catch 33 played live at the show and watching him faultlessly play one of the tracks was just brilliant. I met a few mates who came to the show unexpectedly there and we were all just amazed.

Enjoy the gig in September!

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