Mesmerizing supercut of strange woodsplitting contraptions

I didn’t watch the entire vid but the one I think you are referring to is a polymer wedge. When you don’t have a polymer wedge you cut one out of the wood. I haven’t seen a metal wedge in many years and for good reason.

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That would be part of the “no ppe” comment. PPE = personal protective equipment.

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It used to be possible to buy one of those giant wood splitting screws (as in your video) set up to bolt on to an open-differential rear-wheel drive vehicle, like a typical old farm truck.

You jacked up the back of the truck on one side, took off the high wheel, and used the lug nuts to bolt the screw on to the brake drum. Then put cousin Cletus in the cab working the gas (or put a brick on the accelerator) and have at it… don’t try this with a posi-trac rear! Open diffs only!

And then it’s called a “glut”.

If you see somebody cutting down a dogwood tree, ask for some of the wood and shape it into gluts while it’s still green. A proper dogwood glut is superior to iron or polymer wedges for many logging tasks, and cheaper too.


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