Mesmerizing supercut of strange woodsplitting contraptions


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Oh cone on, who are we fooling. Those are lawsuit-making machines, just repurposed for wood.


Tree who is being obstinate about last call:

“Wood yew give me tree reasons to split?”



For a moment I was trying to understand just why this was so compelling, but soon realized that I’m the product of 40,000 generations of humans that would have done anything to make the task of gathering and breaking up wood easier.


The guy with the big-ass chainsaw, no ppe, and a kid nearby though…


During the riots touched off by the zombie apocalypse, I’m going to try my darndest to get one of those tractor harvesters.


Not sure what weirds the mood more: hygiene failures in porn, or the near total lack of eye protection in any of those clips.




I now have a powerful urge to buy and install a wood burning stove. All of that perfectly seasoned, perfectly split firewood and I’m literally salivating.


Firewood lust! Goes back to my upcoming cordwood shed project…


Awful lotta beautiful timber being bucked into firewood here. The bough wood isn’t good for much else, but there were lots of clear, maybe old-growth boles getting whacked. Sad!


Announcer voice: “In a world where workmens’ compensation insurance is unknown…”



Yep - was thinking something similar… given the range of ingenious devices illustrated, was wood one of the critical early ingenuity inspirers that ultmately led to… well, us.


Also, hammering in a metal wedge with a steel hammer and no eye protection in sight.


I need all of these.

Splitting wood by hand in order to not freeze to death really sucks.


From the ingenious to the bizarre…

With a lengthy intermission of just some guy with a chainsaw.



I see what you did there.


Very Loraxian.


The sound of the wood cracking in that first bit is really nice! I don’t know what it reminds me of, ice cracking? A fire crackling? Too bad there is the sound of a whirring wood splitter over it…