Mesmerizing video of newly categorized type of cloud

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All my years at sea, and I ain’t never seen that kind of cloud before. Amazing.


Speaking of ‘sea’, they look like inverted waves, down to the rolling and the occasional whitecap.

You don’t suppose this is a result of climate change?


It would have been a little more honest for the poster to point out that this is almost certainly time lapse video, and the clouds were not really moving as fast as the clip would have us think. Not that’s it’s not pretty incredible anyway.

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Does anyone know what these are?


That is all, just. Wow.

I just watched a video on this type of cloud.
They’re called undulatus asperatus clouds.

I probably should have asked: “Are these the same clouds?”

It wasn’t really obvious to me, between the video and Google image results.

Those cloaked spaceships really do a number on the cloud base.

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