Trippy 'roll cloud' hovers over Lake Michigan

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The explanation behind that type of cloud formation is fascinating. See, it all starts with



Oh yeah I saw that cloud wall, it thundered, churned, flowed, boiled, crackled, screamed, and sang, when I saw it. It spat out a white horse that galloped along the beach for a bit, making a series of rapid jumps that seemed to come closer - if not ever succeeding - at launching it into space. With the last jump it cleared a dune and a small summer house.

After a bit you become used to the cloud wall, and you forget about it, and finally, because it is easier than dealing with the implications of such a divine separation between our earth and the heavens you start to deny it even exists.


Look there’s a zombie trying to scratch Martin Luther King’s neck.


Faster, @Falcor! The Nothing is almost upon us!

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