This timelapse of clouds in a valley looks like the ocean

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The science behind this, the parallels in gaseous atmospheric dynamics and fluid oceanic behavior, takes nothing away from the beauty captured here.


Did an early spring hike of Mt Lafayette in NH one year. lots of snow still. We set up a small camp below the tree line, and then did a quick jaunt over to Mt. Liberty’s peak. As we got past the tree line the sun was coming down and the clouds stretched between Lafayette, Liberty, and Flume…they were glowing purple from the setting sun and each peak seemed like an island in a giant purple sea.

It was gorgeous and a stunning scene.


Talk more science to me :star_struck:


Clouds are fluids; a high cloud deck is a vaporous foam floating on a layer of cooler air. A cumulus cloud is a boiling kettle of hot, ■■■■■ air rising up into the stratosphere, perhaps heated by passing over a filament of warm earth. A cirrus cloud is the spray from the advancing wave of a storm, spilling up across the hard slope of a cold front.


Wow, it’s almost as if the clouds were made out of some kind of water!


In a previous incarnation of my current job I was lucky enough to see sunrises like this on a regular basis. I’ve spent many moon-lit predawn hours watching the cloud “lake” form, then the peeking sun and make snow-capped Mt Ruahehu glow with a soft peachy light, and the “lake” drain as the warmth returns to the land. It’s a gorgeous phenomenon. Heh, I’m feeling calm and happy right now just thinking about it :slight_smile:

That, and the many clear nights spent star watching, almost made up for the routine cold and wet discomfort that was also part of the job :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Man, that’s lovely.
When I lived in the Bay Area I used to ski Tahoe resorts a lot and the valley fog on those early morning drives could be so thick it was hard to believe.
One day I was on my way to Kirkwood and as we started to make the way up highway 88, all of a sudden we broke out of the fog and it was crystal clear. I stopped the car and we got out and looked behind us - was like a massive down comforter over the valley.


Original inspiration here. Koyyanisqatsi (1982).


Equations themselves are quite beautiful too:

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