Icelandic fog waterfall

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Can I go into it, please?

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sure, but you can’t come back out.


I’ve seen the same effect coming over the hills on the drive to the Peninsula on 101 in the Bay area; it looked like a witch’s cauldron spilling over.


Just north of Asheville, NC at the Craggy Garden stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I’ve seen the fog and clouds flow up and over the saddle that funnels the air to the west.

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Piuma Ridge, where the Santa Monica Mountains run right up to the ocean, overlooking downtown Malibu, does this on onshore-flow days when the marine layer gets thick. You can park at the turnout halfway up Piuma Road on the landward face of the mountain, and watch huge, grey, whale-shaped fog clouds go hurtling past, down into the El Nido Valley below.

It’s pretty otherworldly.

Reminds me of the cloud rivers seen in this video (with northern lights). Cloud rivers begin at about the 3:00 mark.

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