Kinder Waterfall



Thanks. I kept on seeing the .gifs of that in my newsfeed last night and was wondering where it was located.

Ah, Kinder Scout.

Lovely cheery place. Up there with Dartmoor in my experience of hiking through bogs in miserable weather.

Happy memories!

Actually, always really liked the hikes up to Kinder Scout - Grindsbrook Clough and Jacob’s Ladder.

Wind is like “Fuck you water, you are nor going anywhere today!


This was quite a common phenomenon for anyone travelling up the Sound of Mull on the ferry “The Lord of the Isles”. There are a number of waterfalls over the cliffs near Lochaline. If they are flowing upwards then it probably means a rough ride when you clear the shelter of the Sound!

Too much Viagra in the water? :smile:

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Welcome to Mud Island! Don’t worry, it’s taken us by surprise too; this summer’s been so long and so nice, we’ve all convinced ourselves we live in Italy (who has the worse government is debatable enough to add to the confusion as well…).

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