Enjoy this video of a dangerous mountain road in the Himalayas

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Reminds me of navigating the Rockies, including the optimism of the occasional guardrail.


There is a wonderful sequence in Haroun and the Sea of Stories which I think is inspired by roads like these.

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I remember taking a bus from Kandy to Batticaloa in Sri Lanka, which involves travel down the eastern side of the central mountain range, on a twisty road with innumerable switchbacks. As I remember, though, it is at least better supplied with guardrails than this road. Anyway, about halfway down, we passed a tow truck with the back end facing the cliff. The tow truck has a cable and is apparently winching up something … but that something was so far down the cliff that it wasn’t visible. A motorcycle, maybe? That sight did not inspire confidence.


Once rode through Morocco’s Atlas mountains with a local driver. Lots of “ohmyfuckinggod” coming from the backseat that day.


Am I a wuss, or is the driver taking those blind corners way too fast? (Possibly both)


Nice drive in the country always puts me in a better mood.


Nope. The music was way too soothing for how that video made me feel. It should have been death metal, or industrial.

I’m terrified of falling off a mountain in a car, and I live near Pikes Peak. Not that the one has to do with the other, just if we want to go west, young man, we have to drive through the Rockies. If I’m sitting near the wall side, I’m mostly okay, but if I’m on the cliff side I’m losing years from my life.

My wife had a cousin whose Jeep went over the edge in winter and he wasn’t found for around a week.


Mildly disappointed that not once on a curve did they meet someone


I once traveled across Norway in a tour bus, driven by a very experienced driver, along some similarly exciting mountainside roads with sheer drop-offs. Probably the safest possible version of this particular thrill, though, it being Norway and all.


The guardrails look surprisingly unused compared to some places in the Rockies or Northern Ontario.


My father-in-law who lives in Telluride tried to take me and his two young grand-daughters on the Imogene Pass in CO one time. Nope.

Thanks, BB! This sure reminds me of the good ol’ days!

I once road a horse around Easter Island to the less visited side which have some cliffs down to the ocean and even the “level” ground was sloped that direction. I might have been more comfortable walking, while being on a horse puts you that much higher off the ground. I tried to calm myself with the fact that these horses had gone this route many times before and that they were the descendants of the ones who successfully navigated the cliff, not the ones who didn’t.

There are similar roads in the mountains everywhere. This one’s open to cars in the summer (about May-October, depending on the snow levels). The cliff to the skier’s right is about 2000 ft tall at the start of the run. It’s interesting driving down it when you notice that there’s smoke coming out of the brakes of the guy behind you!

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