Death-defying wooden cliff path gets scarier as it goes


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Now add lightning.:scream:


Me facing that downward climb: “Well, I guess I live up here now…”


Looks reasonably well-protected. There are tons of via ferratas like that in the Alps and other places all over the world.


So this convinces me further that I’m right to start taking up hiking. I’m not in anywhere near the shape I need to be in to do that trail, but it does look more like fun than something anxiety inducing. At least to me.


Looks like fun.

Never done anything quite like that, but it reminds me a bit of the ladders up Putukusi near Machu Picchu.


I’m in shape, but not that kind’a “in shape”.


All I can think about is the people tasked with putting the bolts into the rocks - or carving out the foot holes! - in the first place.


Watched the first five minutes-- but it looks so crowded. Imagine if there was a medical emergency of some sort.

I’ve heard that the crowding is typical of Chinese tourism, though.


So go with a friend, and be prepared to take care of your own medical emergencies.


As a high schooler we did a hike up a hill for a biology class trip. The hill is really steep and you could consider it akin to going up a mountain at times, especially higher up. Near the top there was a part where you had to crawl on a near vertical rock face with almost nothing to hold onto beyond some small cracks on some rocks, and the occasional flimsy roots from nearby vegetation. Behind/under you there was a pretty decent drop that could either kill or severely injure someone. I’m surprised to this day that no one in our large group of inexperienced people did not slip off that wall.




I see they’ve got lovelocks. Oh joy.


Doesn’t look like this would happen here; it definitely looks like everyone is wearing a harness and attaching to the anchor cables.


Scary part to me is that the safety cables are totally a new thing, and that previously those funky chains were all there was.

(Also, I can’t think of a more inappropriate place to put those stupid, selfish love locks.)


Scarier still is the static lanyards it appears he and others in the video are using:


round is a shape!


I want to do this hike so badly now…


So is globular.