Metal band Arch Enemy bans concert photographer after he complains their fashion designer swiped a shot


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TLDR: The enemy of a friend of Arch Enemy was a friend but is now the enemy of Arch Enemy, in a pool on a boat on a lake on an island in a lake.


Weird. So concert photographer isn’t paid at all? No contract saying band owns the photos and can license them as they see fit? Also fashion designer can’t be bothered to shell out 100 euros or whatever for a photograph? Why is the band so keen to allow the fashion designer to use their image to promote her stuff without paying them?

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  1. Concert photo is a freelancer hoping to sell to bigger fish: promoters, magazines, newspapers.

  2. Band thinks that by letting him in free, they get some kind of magical perpetual universal license to his work. Photographer quietly tolerates certain unlicensed uses because they make everyone happy.

  3. Photographer’s quiet toleration inadvertantly reinforces band’s delusion that they have a magical contract with him they can transfer to all the people they work with and their friends.

  4. Tragedy ensues.


Having worked in the music “business” for a while, I can tell you it is full of amateurs who half read wikipedia page or talk to one of their buddies and are suddenly experts on copyright law. I once had a band tell me I had to return to them. my own personal copy of their CD because they owned the rights to the master recording.
If I were the photographer I would sue/fine the hell out of them, but then again, that would be a sure way to get blacklisted. This way is probably better in the long run.
A good photographer is worth the weight in gold. A decent metal band is going to break up next year anyway.

Good luck!


Nice discography you got there. Be ashamed if something were to happen to it. :slight_smile:


Sounds like the issue is everyone wants to cheap out and not bother writing a contract and freelancer gets screwed. Even if they’re not going to pay the photographer some sort of contract would have at least let everyone know what expectations were.


Arch Enemy has been around for 23 years. Don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon.


lol, I saw that when I went to their wiki page. Funny then, you think they’d have better counsel by now. Oh well, glad to see they’ve done so well over the years.

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So apparently the band only wants amateur photographers shooting their concerts? Their wish should be fulfilled, and then wait until the band wonders why there aren’t any cool pictures of their performances anymore…




The problem, as he patiently points out, is the same for all who’s work is exploited without proper compensation. Without worker solidarity, those with money and/or power will simply continue to profit off the backs of uncompensated labor. Because photographers are afraid of being blacklisted, they won’t risk organizing against the exploiters. But it’s especially hypocritical coming from a band that wraps itself in a left-wing image to behave just like every Randian capitalist corporate exploiter they hollowly claim to disdain.

Now, this Angela Gassow might be as the photographer says “genuinely a nice” person, but she is manifestly not an especially good person. Her double-standard for her own labor and the labor of photographers demonstrates a lack of integrity. She doesn’t practice what she preaches and she equates someone objecting to their work being used commercially without compensation to threatening while she herself sends actual threats of blacklisting. Gaslighting is simply not the action of a good person. It is a tactic favored by capitalist exploiters.


Incidentally, whenever I hear the name White-Gluz…


Say “no” to Arch Enemy. Say “ yes” to The Archies.


you clearly lack comprehension skill, as he said that in the video.


He literally explains that in the first minute of the video.

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So who originally designed the vest that White-Gluz wore in the concert? Wouldn’t they own the copyright on the vest and wouldn’t Thunderball Clothing be in violation of that if they’re selling copies? If it was White-Gluz herself who created the vest, then she could of course let Thunderball copy and sell it without charge. But that doesn’t seem like her somehow.


When did enjoying photographs become so complicated ? I mean … photography started in the 1820s or so.

Nearly two hundred years later and we still have yet to figure out whether this pipe is not a pipe but we have now included a lawsuit in the question.


thunderball created the vest, arm bands and belt. it’s the side project of another singer called marta gabriel. she creates outfits for performers. alissa’s stuff is custom and one of a kind.

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amen, amen.
When I see “former lead singer now manager” I am not expecting legal expert.