#Metoo: from the Balkans to Twitter

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The sea is too big a topic for literature, just like the oceanic scale of harassment, stalking and rape.

If one sentence could possibly sum up this topic, that’s it. Well written, and it should be repeated often.


But to my mind, in the everyday matter of violence against women, there is no major difference between war and peace.

This is so spot on. The Madness of war is the only thing that compares to this degree of crazy. The Pitcairn Island prosecutions, or the David Brame case in Tacoma, they point toward the scale of criminality one speaks of with a war crime.

Truth and reconciliation are things that happen when the war is over. But the war can’t end while admitted rapists get to be President…


May the Great Reckoning sweep far beyond the hear and now and leave in its wake a better world.

I disagree and the author disagrees with her own comment, since she then goes on to list a number of small parts of the ocean.

Poets and authors who have written successfully about the sea:
T S Eliot (Four Quartets)
Robert Lowell (The Quaker Graveyard, Nantucket)
Herman Melville (Moby-Dick)
…and that’s just three from New England and off the top of my head.

tl;dr How do you eat an elephant? Answer: A bit at a time.

Find me a society other than Costa Rica that is not currently engaged in a war somewhere, even if only by being armed and part of a military bloc like NATO. I don’t think peace and war are distinct categories; “war” is simply male violence with an official stamp, but even that is vague. What is going on in Ukraine? What is the CIA up to in Syria and Iraq? What were the Serbs up to in 1914? Sometimes “plausible deniability” isn’t even plausible.

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