#MeToo meets the #FightFor15 as McDonald's workers walk out over sexual harassment

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/09/23/metoo-mcdonalds.html




The experience of testifying together was powerful, and they decided to keep in touch. Their newfound bond, the knowledge that they were not alone, that this was not an individual problem but a systemic and collective grievance, moved them to form committees of women workers in each of their ten cities. It was those committees that organized, voted for, and conducted Tuesday’s strike.

This is a fantastic story. Thank you for the inspiration: #fightfor15, #metoo, & i would add, #blacklivesmatter


Did anybody see “Compliance”? My god, the bullshit low-wage workers endure. As if working for minimum wage weren’t degrading and exploitative enough already. It’s enough to make a woman turn to Backpage just to control the conditions of her labor, itellyawhat…

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