Workers sue McDonald's over McSexual Harassment

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Is calling it McSexual Harassment supposed to make it funny?

Wait, isn’t the firing evidence that it is not, in fact, tolerated?

It depends on how long it went on, with full knowledge of others in the organization, before it was decided it was a problem and he needed to go… If this went on for a long time, and only got him fired due to someone threatening to go public, then yes, it’s tolerated until it becomes clear it will have negative consequences on the organization.


For all we know it wasn’t even Easterbrook’s first such relationship since taking the job.


That too…


No, just snark. “Harrassment McSexual,” on the other hand, would be unacceptable.

Does make me glad that I’ve not stepped into a McD in in 2 decades and avoided it for at least twice that long.

But really this isn’t a McDonald’s-specific problem. When Me Too started we all zoomed in on Weinstein and other 0.001%ers abusing 0.01%ers. But 81% of American women report having been sexually harassed (source*), around one in three experience sexual violence. For every Weinstein there were 10,000 managers of low wage employees exploiting people who faced hunger and homelessness if they lost their jobs.

It would be easy to believe that a large employer like McDonald’s could even be better than average at preventing workplace harassment and violence and still be on the hook in a lawsuit like this, because average would be tens of thousands of McDonald’s employees having been sexually harassed on the job by their superior.

* When I look at the countries with the lowest reported sexual harassment look a lot more like places where people don’t classify things as harassment rather than places where there is actually less harassment). Like maybe we believe that Germany has less of a problem than the US, but I know women who have gone on trips to Italy and Spain, I used to work with some women from Romania. I think if there was a common definition they’d equal or surpass America.


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