Mexican Walmart employees strike to demand wages

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Reads headline and thinks “Is that missing the word ‘higher’?”

Reads article. “Nope.”

Son of a bitch!


I’ve spent a lot of time in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It’s a beautiful place, … an insanely low cost of living… They want to earn their way. That’s not easy to do in a nation where many citizens, when they can find work are forced to work for pauper’s wages.

Yeah, so, about that insanely low cost of living …

Incidentally, I’ve come across the same thing in the US (in GA, TX, and WA); baggers only getting paid in tips.


“The workers, who are grocery baggers at the various Walmart outlets, are not paid anything beyond tips.”

I had no idea - that’s on me.
This bullshit is bullshit.


How long before Walmart Corporate hires a cutout “Labor Relations Consultant” to pay a cartel to rough up/kill organizers?

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This is obscene. Tips should be just that, tips. Billionaire employers should not benefit more from them than their employees do.

Don’t feel bad. I’m in Tijuana, and though everyone says to tip your bagger, nobody emphasizes why at any store. I never knew.
The only place I know that doesn’t have dedicated baggers is Smart & Final, so I assume WalMart isn’t the only corporate culprit (Mexican companies included) that shortchanges their workers.

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