Walmart's new employee video really, really doesn't want you to unionize

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On the other hand, they could not make it clearer that they would hate it. Given that Walmart’s relationship with staff is often oppositional, it’s hard to see that as anything but a strong recommendation.


Walmart clearly supports its associates. After all, Walmart accepts the food stamps that its associates get from the government to make up for their below-poverty-level wages!


Because of course it’s not the shitty behavior of Walmart management that damages their reputation, it’s letting people know about the shitty behavior, right?


Bah. We conservatives cut food subsidies to make the point that you have to earn your food and water. Submit serf!

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Who wouldn’t want to negotiate with Walmart “one on one”? That sounds like a winning strategy…


But that kindly looking gentleman in the video said that he’s in control of his own career. I’m sure that’s totally true. Without a union standing in the way, he gets to tell Walmart exactly how he wants to do his job and what benefits he’s due. Right?


Ironically, he’s almost certainly a member of SAG-AFTRA.


I hate “employee orientation” videos so much. When I was 18 and got my first W-2 job at RadioShack, they had me sit in the back office and watch a week of them for 8 hours a day, without pay of course (probationary period).

It’s legalized brainwashing, and can’t really be called “voluntary” anyway. I don’t know the regulations, but it seems like it should definitely be illegal to have zero-pay probationary periods for new hires. It’s just one more way the rich have socialized and externalized any and all risk they might have to take on, while keeping any profit.

They shouldn’t have that kind of privilege. One more reason why we should be eating the rich en-mass rather than the sycophantic “success” worship the American public is so good at.


Of course.

See also:
“Publishing the CIA Torture Report damages America’s reputation, but the acts of torture don’t.”

“Protests against police officers killing unarmed civilians create an environment of hostility in our cities, but the actions of the police don’t.”

“Revealing security vulnerabilities in information systems makes information insecure, but remaining silent regarding your systems vulnerabilities and not fixing them doesn’t.”


I’m a Conservative activist and I have no problem with this video at all.

It is entirely honest, for a given value of honest.

It tells me without ambiguity that I should join a union right now because anyone who tries such heavy handed and clumsy propaganda must be the bad guys.


“How would it make sense for associates to join a union that wants to damage our reputation?”

Yet more evidence that Wallmart’s management hates competition.


Hopefully Melissa Ponzio is now making enough from her acting to not rely on those Walmart shares

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As someone who used to work for Walmart in logistics, the relationship between Walmart and its associates is horrible.
I have worked a lot of jobs, and nowhere have I seen more employee bullying & mistreatment than there.

A strong Union is exactly what walmart associates need.





Every time I see that word on a minion’s name tag, I ask them how many shares they have in the company…

/I don’t shop at Walmart.

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This video is part of a long tradition of informative films, going back at least to Reefer Madness.

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YouTube video is gone, but it has been mirrored.

That “our reputation” seems a bit presumptuous too. Because Wal-Mart management is well known for standing behind its employees, and all employees totally return the favor, right?

That specific video may be new, but this isn’t new. I started as an overnight stocker at Walmart in 2009, and they showed us a very similar video. Other people who had been working there for a few years also told me that if a manager happened to hear you talking about unions in any kind of a positive way, they’d probably start trying to find an excuse to fire you. I’m glad I no longer work there, but I’m also glad I did work there for awhile. I understand some things now I never did before. Like what it’s like to work your ass off, and still be broke all the time. Oddly enough, I was kind of agnostic about unions until I worked there. I no longer am. Walmart’s workers seriously need to unionize.