WATCH: Walmart's leaked internal anti-union propaganda video


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I wonder if any of the actors in the anti-union videos are members of Equity.


I remember a similar Target video came to light a few years ago. The reason is obvious - retail workers are among the lowest-paid and worst-treated, and at the same time, big box retailers are highly profitable. A strong union would be a problem for them.


One of those actors is also Union. It’s an interesting thing to basically say “I was young and needed the money, but now I got mine, yay unions!”


This has been going on for decades. My husband got hired there, and they made him watch two days worth of videos, mostly anti-union. He lasted for 1 week, because it was so awful. Then he stopped landed a different job. The manager he was under in the paint department continued to call him for two months to ask if he was coming into work. He wouldn’t take “I quit” as quitting.


I keep hearing unions are irrelevant and unnecessary. Strange, then, that so much effort is needed to combat them.


It’s like déjà vu all over again (from May 20).


I think it’s helpful that they put the right in the video.


There’s something twisted about how they tout how the workers pull together to help each other, and their employee stock purchase plan, while also helping employees sign up for food stamps.


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