Walmart smears worker-based chat app with lies and scare tactics


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I find it hard to believe that a stand up organization like WalMart would resort to mistruths and fear. I’ve seen their ads. Their employees always look so up and energized and free and (checks schedule) more split shifts? Fuck this job!


tRump’s Murica no likey this.


I wouldn’t be surprised if most Wallmart employees are Trumps’s America.


This raises the question in my mind of how you _un_teach a Watsonian app things which are later determined not to be true. Do these things have a mechanism for forgetting stuff?


most Walmart shoppers seem to be.


Other than to, um… ask it for details and verify whether the information is correct?


We’re rolling-back civil liberties!


Are we surprised?
This seems like a play straight out of former board member Hillary Clinton’s ™ pro corporate anti worker, FUD playbook…


In a way, this is kind of like telling kids not to read a book they’d never heard of until you mentioned it. :laughing: Way to go, Walmart. :sweat_smile:


I’m certainly not surprised that there are still people keen to blame Clinton for every wrong in the world. Saddened, but not surprised.


That’s a novel idea. It could have all sorts of applications. Like, during election campaigns, for example. Do you think it might catch on?


That whole “We’ve recovered under Obama! Look at jobs totals!” shtick sounds rather hollow when you’ve gone from…basically any job to having to work at Wal-Mart.

Just having a job doesn’t guarantee you’re living a decent life.


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