Michael Jackson's bent spoon sells for £500


psychic carnie

Needed a laff

Think how much more it would have been worth if it were in better condition.


We need to know the identity of the successful bidder. Clearly they have plenty of spare money which could go to many, many good causes.

I walked past Geller’s house in Sonning Common a few years back.

Dude likes his privacy. Giant fences, ludicrous number of cameras.

I hope they bought it as a gift for James Randi.


There is no spoon

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Umm… follow the link, ever? – “The item was one of many celebrities living in Berkshire and Oxfordshire donated to a charity auction in aid of Windsor’s Thames Hospicecare”.

I presume everyone is aware that Geller’s spoon-bending trick is now an off-the-shelf item at magic stores.

Migawd, he got a lot of mileage out of that one illusion…

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Ludicrous number of cameras? Sounds like he doesn’t like privacy at all.

Facing outwards.

At least that’s one idiot 500 quid poorer.

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The accompanying text is a little misleading. Jackson gave the spoon to Geller, who then signed it himself.

Probably also bought by Uri Gellar or one of his stooges to get his name back in the headlines.

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Umm … not exactly sure how following the link gives us the identity of the successful bidder though. Would you like some more questions to not answer or will that one do for now?

Huh - what’s the big deal? I had a roommate once who probably had a dozen of those things. And not only were hers bent, but the bottoms were usually blackened, too.

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I loled cause by some miracle I didn’t see it coming :smile:

Why do “we” need to know the identity of the successful bidder? Are we going to strong-arm them in to giving more? What the heck is your point?

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